5 Signs You Should Sell Your House Privately In Alberta

Lady holding a house and selling it privately.

While the first option to sell your home that comes to mind may be to call a real estate agent and list, very often, homeowners have second thoughts about doing so for various reasons. Listing the property on their own as an FSBO may be the next thought; however, many of the same factors that govern successful listing with a real estate agent apply to listing as an FSBO and fails to solve the significant stumbling blocks. For these sellers, a sale to a cash home buyer may be the answer they seek. But what red flags can clue you in on which method may be best for your circumstances? Read on as we discuss the five signs telling you why you should sell your house privately in Alberta.

Your Privacy 

If you’d rather not deal with the showings (you aren’t alone, as many sellers dislike the showing process), then a traditional sale isn’t right for you in Alberta. The amount of showings can get quite exhausting and tedious on home owners as they have to vacate the property during the showing times or even stay at another place with their belongings so the property is in a clean state. If use the thought of going through all this seems exhausting, then perhaps selling to a local cash home buyer like those at Alberta Property Buyers may be the best choice because it means that you’ll skip the showings and go directly to the closing table.

Your Capacity

Listing is a physically and emotionally time-consuming and draining process, and some sellers are not up to the challenge. Times today are rough as they are; add to it the process of selling a home on the market and having to pull apart your whole schedule, and it becomes even tougher. If this is the case for you, a traditional sale probably isn’t the best solution for you to sell your home in Alberta, and you should consider looking into how to sell your house privately in Alberta. Working with a cash house buyer like those at Alberta Property Buyers is a simple process with no pressure; we provide the offer’s details with full transparency because we want you to fully understand the process. We also try to make the entire process of selling your house in Alberta hassle free and a breeze, without you having to feel displaced or that you are not in control anymore.

Your Finances

For others, under financial pressure, a traditional listing is an unbearably stressful prospect, with no certainty that the property will sell. It may be that you do not have the funds to make the necessary repairs, or that you need to sell fast because you are approaching foreclosure or have some missed payments. If this is your situation, a traditional sale isn’t suitable for you, as there is also no guarantee for when the house will actually sell and whether it will actually close in the end. On the other hand, when you sell directly to a cash home buyer like those at Alberta Property Buyers, you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses to worry about before the closing, and you won’t even pay commissions or closing costs.

Homes Condition

A traditional sale isn’t suitable for you if your home needs significant repairs. When you sell directly to Alberta Property Buyers, you can forget about having to make repairs or update your property; we buy homes as-is for cash.

You’re Out of Time

When you’re out of time, and you feel the pressure of the tick of the clock, and each day you turn another calendar page, then a traditional sale isn’t the best choice for you in Alberta. When you work with Alberta Property Buyers, you’ll have a guaranteed closing date, and, because we are not moving into the property, there’s no pressure to move that fast if you’re not ready.

At Alberta Property Buyers, we’re happy to help our neighbours here in Alberta understand the process of selling privately. In addition, at Alberta Property Buyers, we want you to feel good about the deal you make long after closing; which means that even if working with a real estate agent is better in your case, our professional home buyers will tell you so.

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