5 Costs To Expect When You Want To Sell Your House In Alberta

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If you want to make an educated decision about which sales method is best for your home and your situation, it’s best to compare all of your options. So read on as we explore five costs you can expect when you want to sell your house in Alberta.


You should expect to spend around one percent of the home’s sales price on prepping costs when you want to sell your house in Alberta, depending on the home’s condition and how outdated the home’s decor and style may be. However, suppose significant renovations are in the works to bring the property more in line with the demands of today’s buyers. In that case, you may be spending tens of thousands to bring the highest potential profit from the property. Besides the money investment, there will also be the time that you will invest into having those repairs and updates made, not to mention potentially a second living space for you if the house is not habitable while under renovations. However, if you would rather not go through the whole hassle, you can skip all the expenses, work, and time spent prepping by selling directly to a local professional house buyer like those at Alberta Property Buyers. You won’t even have to pay any commissions! And best of all, you can sell it in the condition it is in, and leave behind what you don’t want to take to your new home.


Marketing is required to bring buyers to your door and is another cost you can expect when you want to sell your house in Alberta. Marketing can be done with the help of the real estate agent you are planning to hire. Most likely, they will provide you with the connections for stagers, photographers, videographers, and cleaners. However, there’s no need to pay the fees to professional stagers, photographers, or videographers to meet the demands of the digital online real estate marketplace when you sell directly to a cash house buyer like those at Alberta Property Buyers. In addition, selling directly to Alberta Property Buyers alleviates the constant pressure of keeping your home tidied up perfectly at all times. As a result, you can start enjoying your evenings and weekends again, leaving everything where it is until moving day, bypassing showings, and having to rush your family and pets out the door.


The costs of owning the property that continue to roll in monthly and any unexpected repairs, referred to as holding costs, can add up quickly with a traditional sale of your Alberta house. At the same time, your initial targeted profits dwindle. Holding costs include monthly mortgage cost, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc, and can pile up quite quickly, hacking away at your expected profits as the amount is coming directly from your pocket. By selling directly to a professional home buyer, like those at Alberta Property Buyers, your guaranteed closing can be very fast, ending the slow leak of funds in holding costs. Ask about the flexibility Alberta Property Buyers has with the closing date, should there be a specific calendar day that works best for you!


Repair costs can come into play when you want to sell your house in Alberta, which is why so many sellers dread the inspection phase of the process and potentially spend thousands on repairs because of contingencies in the contract. Inspection contingencies are often used by buyers to negotiate after they have had their offer accepted by you, hoping that you would accept the lower offer so the sale doesn’t drag on or fall through fro you. However, by selling directly to a professional cash home buyer like those at Alberta Property Buyers, you’ll be able to rest easy tonight and forget about passing the inspection because we buy homes as-is for cash.


Closing costs are something else you can expect when you list your house. However, selling directly to Alberta Property Buyers means you won’t pay any closing costs.

A professional home buyer at Alberta Property Buyers will detail the profits and costs you can expect when listing your house in Alberta vs. a cash sale. At Alberta Property Buyers, our professional home buyers offer complete transparency and we want you to feel good about the deal long after closing. Talk to one of our professional home buyers at Alberta Property Buyers about the hurdles you feel stand in your way and how we can help you overcome them.

At Alberta Property Buyers, our goal is help you find a solution to your property dilemma. Call Alberta Property Buyers at 403-768-2290 now!

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